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It's all about flows.

A world without flows does not work: no transport, no information, no organisational processes. Our mission is to optimise these flows and make them more sustainable. To do this, you have to start by looking to the future.


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Sustainable transport

We can help you to develop a more efficient and more sustainable transport system.


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Through process-based business development, we help organisations to be lastingly competitive.


Become more visible

We can help you to provide your customers with easy to read traffic information in real-time.


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A considerable part of our work involves sharing our knowledge and experience with our clients.

Understand the future first | Trend tracker

Pedestrians waiting to cross the street

Trend tracker 2017-04-26

Vulnerable road users in a cooperative transport system

Eighty to ninety percent of today’s traffic accidents are due to human error. Many these accidents can probably be avoided in a few years in a cooperative transport system.

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riding a bicycle

Trend tracker 2016-12-19

Traffic safety consequences of faster and more powerful electrically assisted cycles

Electrically Power Assisted Cycles (EPACs) can be classified in different categories depending on the power of their motor and to which speed electric assistance is given to the cyclist. Trivector...

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Trivector | News

riding the bike to work

Sustainable transport 2017-10-17

Project to find scalable cycling innovations

Scaling Cycling Innovations is a Climate-KIC co-financed project which aims to identify cycling innovations from three leading cycling centres that can be scaled up and implemented elsewhere. The...

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Sustainable transport 2017-04-27

New White Paper on Mobility as a Service

Download our new white paper on Mobility as a Service - what is it and which are the problems it could potentially solve?

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parking chaos

Sustainable transport 2017-04-26

300 fewer cars per day

For a while, the parking chaos around the university hospital in Linköping was so bad that there was a risk that operations would have to be cancelled. Angry voices called for “more parking”, but...

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Trucks on the road

Sustainable transport 2017-04-26

If trucks are heavier, they should also be longer

A new study shows that if Sweden allows larger trucks compared to today’s standards, it can bring economic and climate benefits. The largest benefits are achieved if the trucks are allowed to be both...

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Meetings & ideas 2017-03-27

How to supercharge your sustainable urban mobility plan!

The 4th European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans will take place in Dubrovnik, Croatia on 29-30 March 2017. This year’s main theme is Intelligent Planning for Sustainable Mobility.

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outdoor screens with touchscreen technology

IT-systems 2016-12-13

Outdoor digital display with touchscreen

Trivector now offers touchscreens in all of their digital outdoor displays. The touchscreens can be installed in existing models, allowing a cost-effective solution for clients who want to have more...

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