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It's all about flows.

A world without flows does not work: no transport, no information, no organisational processes. Our mission is to optimise these flows and make them more sustainable. To do this, you have to start by looking to the future.


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Sustainable transport

We can help you to develop a more efficient and more sustainable transport system.


Sharpen your business

Through process-based business development, we help organisations to be lastingly competitive.


Become more visible

We can help you to provide your customers with easy to read traffic information in real-time.


Trainings, meetings & ideas

A considerable part of our work involves sharing our knowledge and experience with our clients.

Understand the future first | Trend tracker

The new district Ørestaden  in Copenhagen has a lower level of car ownership than the rest of the city.

Trend tracker 2018-01-09

A restrictive parking policy; enough to boost the market for car sharing?

Fewer parking lots and higher parking cost in new residential housing developments have increased the use of sustainable means of transportation among residents. With the most expensive parking...

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Self-driving bus in Helsingborg

Trend tracker 2017-10-26

A safe ride with self-driving bus

Nobina and Helsingborg's pilot test of self-driving buses this September created a lot of interest. A large majority of passengers, 90 %, reported that they felt safe despite the lack of driver and 80...

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Trivector | News

Meetings & ideas 2017-11-27

Meeting in Utrecht discovers cycling innovations to scale up

Participants from the three leading cycling centres Utrecht, Copenhagen and Malmö, met up to discuss and explore cycling innovations on 8 – 9 November 2017.

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Sustainable transport 2017-10-30

Crowdsourcing cycling data: 800 cyclists in Gothenburg help to collect data about how they cycle

In order to better plan for cyclists, we need to have data on where and when they travel as well as who they are. Today, there is almost no data on cyclists. The small amount of data that exists comes...

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map of Europe for the IRIS project

Sustainable transport 2017-10-27

New large EU project for climate smart solutions

The Swedish city of Gothenburg has together with the cities of Nice in France and Utrecht in the Netherlands been granted €18 m by the EU for a 5-year project. The project will focus on open data and...

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trams in Gothenburg, Sweden

Sustainable transport 2017-10-25

Unique pilot for future travel surveys

In the autumn of 2017, a unique pilot for future travel survey data collection methods is being conducted in Gothenburg. The pilot is running concurrently to a traditional travel survey. The aim of...

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riding the bike to work

Sustainable transport 2017-10-17

Project to find scalable cycling innovations

Scaling Cycling Innovations is a Climate-KIC co-financed project which aims to identify cycling innovations from three leading cycling centres that can be scaled up and implemented elsewhere. The...

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Sustainable transport 2017-04-27

New White Paper on Mobility as a Service

Download our new white paper on Mobility as a Service - what is it and which are the problems it could potentially solve?

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