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It's all about flows.

A world without flows does not work: no transport, no information, no organisational processes. Our mission is to optimise these flows and make them more sustainable. To do this, you have to start by looking to the future.


This is Trivector


Sustainable transport

We can help you to develop a more efficient and more sustainable transport system.


Sharpen your business

Through process-based business development, we help organisations to be lastingly competitive.


Become more visible

We can help you to provide your customers with easy to read traffic information in real-time.


Trainings, meetings & ideas

A considerable part of our work involves sharing our knowledge and experience with our clients.

Understand the future first | Trend tracker

Trend tracker 2016-04-25

New research on safe and secure crossing points between cyclists and pedestrians

Our society is undergoing an urbanisation, where cities are densifying and the total number of pedestrians and cyclists needs to increase in order to create a more sustainable transport system and...

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Trend tracker 2016-03-20

Active commuting a good source of physical activity

A new study shows that a large majority of the commuting trips by foot or bicycle met the minimum health recommendation of at least 10-minute-long activity bouts. The median single-mode pedestrians...

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Trivector | News


Sustainable transport 2016-08-10

Car drivers are 4kg heavier than cyclists - new study

People who drive cars as their main form of transport are on average heavier than those who cycle, a new study says.

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Meetings & ideas 2016-06-23

Ulf Eriksson to lecture on transport and public health in Taiwan

Ulf Eriksson, Ph.D in transport and health and consultant at Trivector, will hold lectures and workshops on transport and urban planning from a public health perspective to research groups based at...

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promoting physical activity through active mobility

Sustainable transport 2016-06-21

Exploring physical activity for health and fun

Trivector is currently working on the PASTA project which looks at promoting physical activity through active mobility (walking, cycling, also in connection with public transport).

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EC2B offers Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Sustainable transport 2016-05-17

A step closer to Mobility as a Service

Together with partners from Malmö and Copenhagen, Trivector is performing a feasibility study on the concept EC2B. EC2B offers Mobility as a Service (MaaS): it bundles different transport services for...

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Sustainable transport 2016-04-25

Want to find out more about SUMPs in Sweden?

Trivector has written a profile on SUMPs in Sweden for the Eltis website.

The European Commission continues to support the development of SUMPs (sustainable urban mobility plans) through information...

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Niklas Unnhem

IT-systems 2016-02-25

New Executive Vice President of Trivector System

Since February 22 2016, Niklas Unnhem is the new Executive Vice President of Trivector System. His main resposibility will be to lead the company's software team. He will also take part in the...

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