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It's all about flows.

A world without flows does not work: no transport, no information, no organisational processes. Our mission is to optimise these flows and make them more sustainable. To do this, you have to start by looking to the future.


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We can help you to develop a more efficient and more sustainable transport system.


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Through process-based business development, we help organisations to be lastingly competitive.


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We can help you to provide your customers with easy to read traffic information in real-time.


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A considerable part of our work involves sharing our knowledge and experience with our clients.

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charging an EV

Trend tracker 2018-09-12

10 reflections from my 4000km EV European road trip

This summer, my partner and I decided that we would hire an electric car and drive from the south of Sweden to the north of England to visit family and friends. This was prompted mainly by my interest...

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night trains

Trend tracker 2018-09-12

The prospects for developing overnight train traffic in Europe

Mikael Thorsén, student at Lund Technical University, recently wrote his master’s thesis on the development and prospects of night train traffic in Europe, in collaboration with Trivector. The results...

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Trivector | News

Storbron Örebro

Sustainable transport 2019-09-17

A Large Study Indicates How Cities can Promote Walking for Travel

Coinciding with the European Mobility Week, a study performed in seven European cities focuses on walking for travel, a strategy to increase physical activity in cities

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Climate-KIC course: Future of Transport - How do we deal with it?

Sustainable transport 2019-06-11

Climate-KIC course: Future of Transport - How do we deal with it?

Are you a transport professional who is interested in understanding how best to deal with the fast-changing urban transport landscape while ensuring the shift towards zero-carbon urban mobility? Then...

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Cycle education

Sustainable transport 2019-06-11

Climate-KIC course: Cycle Education – Get on yer bikes!

Become a change agent and support the systemic shift to more cycling by learning about successful cycling innovations and change management. This course is about understanding how to support a...

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road in rural area

Sustainable transport 2019-05-14

Mobility labs – a method to enable a fair transition of the transport system

How should policies for a transition of the transport system be formulated to be perceived as fair, and hence acceptable to citizens? Many of the policies and measures for reduced car travel discussed...

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consequences of a large-scale electrification of the vehicle fleet

Sustainable transport 2019-05-13

Large-scale electrification of transport – is it possible?

The City of Stockholm has a long-term goal that the city shall be fossil-fuel free by 2040. An important part of reaching this goal is transport electrification, which includes all transport types:...

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Mobility Hub

Sustainable transport 2019-04-30

Creating an outstanding mobility hub

More and more new urban developments are planning for mobility hubs instead of traditional car parking garages. Mobility hubs offer more flexibility and many more functions. For those who are...

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