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It's all about flows.

A world without flows does not work: no transport, no information, no organisational processes. Our mission is to optimise these flows and make them more sustainable. To do this, you have to start by looking to the future.


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We can help you to develop a more efficient and more sustainable transport system.


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Through process-based business development, we help organisations to be lastingly competitive.


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We can help you to provide your customers with easy to read traffic information in real-time.


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A considerable part of our work involves sharing our knowledge and experience with our clients.

Understand the future first | Trend tracker

charging an EV

Trend tracker 2018-09-12

10 reflections from my 4000km EV European road trip

This summer, my partner and I decided that we would hire an electric car and drive from the south of Sweden to the north of England to visit family and friends. This was prompted mainly by my interest...

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night trains

Trend tracker 2018-09-12

The prospects for developing overnight train traffic in Europe

Mikael Thorsén, student at Lund Technical University, recently wrote his master’s thesis on the development and prospects of night train traffic in Europe, in collaboration with Trivector. The results...

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Trivector | News

Policy briefs on the topics of Mobility as a Service, New methods for travel surveys, and Active mobility and health.

Sustainable transport 2018-09-19

Three new policy briefs to download

Trivector has recently published three policy briefs on the topics of Mobility as a Service, New methods for travel surveys, and Active mobility and health. The policy briefs build on insights from...

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Two professional courses: on cycling and on future transport systems

Meetings & ideas 2018-09-12

International courses on Future transport systems and Cycling

Trivector have received co-funding from Climate-KIC to jointly develop two professional education courses. The courses will be held in 2019, with one focusing on cycling and the other on future...

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The TravelVu app uses sensors in smartphones to identify how people have travelled.

Sustainable transport 2018-09-12

Travelviewer – data for low-carbon sustainable transport systems

In September 2018, Trivector started a new international project where we will be testing the digital travel survey app TravelVu in four locations outside of Sweden. The app has been used in several...

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Cycling is the mode of transport associated with the greatest health benefits. Photo ISGlobal.

Sustainable transport 2018-08-28

Cycling makes you healthy

A study carried out in seven European cities highlights the role of active transport in good mental health and self-perceived health.

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The Bicycle kitchen in Malmö

Sustainable transport 2018-06-29

Cycling innovations that can lead to systemic change

Cycling is still not considered seriously as a transport mode in most European countries, where years of planning in favour of motorised vehicles have made it difficult to fit cycling into the...

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Call open to join next round of SUMPs-Up learning programme

Sustainable transport 2018-03-13

Headline - SUMPs-Up call for cities to join next round of its learning programme

SUMPs-Up has opened the call for cities to join the next round of its SUMPs Learning Programme (SLP).

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