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Exploring physical activity for health and fun

Trivector is currently working on the PASTA project which looks at promoting physical activity through active mobility (walking, cycling, also in connection with public transport).

The project team attended a meeting in Glasgow which brought together 5 different European projects which looked at different ways to promote physical activity, and to help make Europe a healthier place. Physical activity is a crucial component in reducing the incidence of lifestyle-related, non-communicable diseases, which represent significant social and economic costs.

The 5 projects shared their findings, and explored the concepts linked to enhancing physical activity. The one-day meeting was held at the National Football Stadium of Scotland, Hampden Park in March 2016, and participants also took part in various physical activities as part of the programme.

Video about the PASTA project

A short summary of the five projects can be viewed in a short video shot at the National Football Stadium of Scotland. The video entitled “Exploring physical activity for health and fun” can be viewed at the following link: https://youtu.be/GMRJKAqOrUg

More information

For more information about the PASTA project, and what Trivector is working on to link transport and health, please contact Ulf Eriksson +46 (0)10-456 56 87


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