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From plans to action

The EU has several policy documents relating to sustainable urban mobility, with an emphasis on integrated planning in the form of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) (e.g. Action Plan on Urban Mobility, Urban Mobility Package). SUMPs are being taken up by cities all over Europe, but capacities to implement them still need to be strengthened. Plans and strategy documents in themselves are not enough to deliver the required change towards sustainability.

Implementation and action in European cities

Trivector Traffic has recently coordinated the submission of a step 2 proposal for an EU-funded project called SUMA (Sustainable Urban Mobility Action), where we together with research and city partners around the EU address this issue. The SUMA project focuses on how to move from sustainable urban mobility planning towards implementation and action in European cities by strengthening the capacity of local authorities and their partners through tools, methods and training materials that help them to identify problems and tailored solutions to make a real change towards sustainable urban mobility.

Integrates knowledge from different fields

We believe that to make the shift towards a more sustainable urban mobility in European cities requires for us to look beyond the traditional field of urban mobility, and take in expertise from other fields which have proven to be successful in making changes towards sustainability. The SUMA project integrates knowledge from different fields to build the right capacity to facilitate change. The project is made up of a consortium with advanced expertise in sustainable urban mobility and change (transition) management that is needed to move towards sustainable urban mobility action. Partners involve among others TNO, ICLEI and Mobiel21. In this project we also involve our colleagues at Trivector LogiQ, who will bring in their competence on transition management.

Five city test beds

If funded, the SUMA consortium in a first phase plans to work with five “City test beds” (Bremen, Barcelona, Bristol, Lund and Gdynia) to develop tools and methods that can support city planners in making the transition from plan to action. Later on, an Action Arena will be created where other cities around Europe will be invited to SUMA-related events and seminars, and also take part of new training materials.

More information

For more information, please contact Emma Lund, +46 10 456 56 30.


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