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New research on safe and secure crossing points between cyclists and pedestrians

Our society is undergoing an urbanisation, where cities are densifying and the total number of pedestrians and cyclists needs to increase in order to create a more sustainable transport system and attractive urban space. Pedestrians and cyclists have previously been treated as a homogeneous group, but these two groups have separate requirements from and expectations of the infrastructure.

Study of crossing points

In a research project financed by Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration), crossing points between pedestrians and cyclists have been studied. The aim of the project is to increase our knowledge of the problem as well as bring forward design principles to better handle problematic crossing points from a safety and security perspective.

Security and navigability problems 

The study has confirmed the impression that collisions between pedestrians and cyclists is a relatively small transport safety problem. However, the project has shown that crossing points between pedestrians and cyclists can create security and navigability problems for pedestrians as well as cyclists. Problems for cyclists originate from both crossing pedestrians and other cyclists on the cycle path.

This project has contributed to a relatively unexplored area of research. The new knowledge and design principles can be of value for those who work in urban and transport planning, design and regulation as well as transport safety with a focus on the urban environment.

The results were presented on a webrecorded seminar

In conjunction with the release of the report, a breakfast seminar was arranged with an audience from Sweden, Norway and Iceland. Ulf Eriksson, Ph.D. in transportation and health, from Trivector presented the new research results and recommendations on safe and secure crossing points between pedestrians and cyclists. Björn Sax Keijser, transport planner at the Municipality of Sollentuna, presented the municipality’s work with bicycle traffic which has been highlighted as a good example by a number of external experts (the link to the seminar can be found below).

More information

The report can be read here: Trygga och säkra korsningspunkter mellan cyklister och fotgängare

A recording of the seminar is available here: https://bambuser.com/v/5904160

Or contact Ulf Eriksson, +46 10 456 56 87.


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