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New version of TRAST – the Swedish SUMP guideline

The EU SUMP guidelines are quite well-known among transport planners as a tool to deal with transport system development at the strategic level. The aim is to offer mobility options to citizens that are both sustainable and meet the citizens’ requirements.

Similar to SUMP

TRAST is in many ways a Swedish version of the SUMP guidelines. There are many similarities between TRAST and SUMPs, and a TRAST transport strategy can be considered a SUMP. Recently the third version of TRAST was launched and the updates include:

  • a greater focus on pedestrian traffic,
  • more on the health aspect and how the populations’ health can be influenced through city planning,
  • more on parking and its importance in influencing development towards a sustainable transport modes,
  • a description of how lighting creates attractive and secure city enviroments, and
  • transport planning with respect to city logistics and commercial establishments.

Seeing the bigger picture

The TRAST transport strategy is about seeing the bigger picture, and about the development of a local authority’s transport system in the context of this bigger picture. TRAST gives advice and a basis for making decisions by considering and weighing different interests. It provides support in how attractiveness and sustainable development (two commonly used key terms in this field) can be reflected in transport and town planning.

Develop in the right direction

The transport strategy – together with other planning documents from a local authority – will help a local authority to develop in the right direction. A good transport strategy shows how the physical transport system and accompanying measures (mobility management) should be developed in connection with land use and other physical planning. A good transport strategy integrates its principles into working routines, and can influence budgets and activities of a local authority.

More information

More information, see our webpage about Sustainable Urban Mobility and the introduction to TRAST (in English). You can also contact Björn Wendle, +46 10 456 56 09.




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