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Our new automatic travel survey app – now ready for you to test

It is getting more and more difficult to collect travel survey data using traditional methods, and the quality of collected data is getting worse. TRavelVU is a new way to collect data for travel surveys based on collection of GPS data through smartphones. This new method allows the collection of new types of data, and offers better precision of travel habits compared to traditional survey methods. If you are interested in this new technology, you now have the chance to download and test the TRavelVU Beta! Contact Anna Clark or Emeli Adell.

Information on time, mode, length, speed and route

For every part of the trip chain, TRavelVU collects information on time, mode/activity, length, speed and route. As a user, you check the analysis, change it as required, and confirm your day’s trips. The travel survey analysis uses only checked and confirmed data. A survey in the app allows for the possibility of collecting background information on the user, and connecting travel behaviour to the background factors.

A summary of their travels

TRavelVU today automatically detects seven modes, and the user can select a further 10. The user gets a clear picture of the trips they have taken, and at the same time gets a summary of their travel over the past day, week or month.

More information

Learn more about TRavelVU.

Learn more about surveys, analysis and mapping.

For more information, please contact Emeli Adell, +46 10 456 56 22 och Anna Clark, +46 10 456 56 23.




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