Business development

    Sharpen your business

    Our main areas of expertise cover:

    • Process-based business development
    • Process management
    • Process improvement
    • Process orientation
    • Cross-company process orientation
    • Strategy implementation
    • Supply chain management

    The role we take in projects takes many different forms: from working as consultants with total responsibility for a project, to leading courses and advising our clients. We can offer many different combinations of roles and tasks, so our efforts can be optimised to meet our clients’ needs. We work as project managers, project advisors or mentors.

    You can involve us in a project to the extent that you feel most comfortable with.

    Consultancy services

    Business analysis

    This involves working out strategies for process-based business development and creating operative programs describing which steps need to be taken.

    Customer analysis

    Here potential customers are identified and their needs and expectations identified.

    Identification of major processes

    The major processes needed to describe how a particular business works are identified. The relation between the processes, the business as a whole, and customers and suppliers is analysed.

    Mapping and documentation of processes

    This involves describing the essential features of these processes and clarifying how each process is related both to the resources in question and to each of the other processes.

    Process audit

    How well developed a given process is, the conditions under which it occurs, and ways in which it can be improved are examined here.

    Process analysis

    This involves analysing how effective, adequate and flexible a given process is.

    Process development

    This involves improving the processes of interest or developing new processes that can perform considerably better than existing ones.

    Developing a measurement system

    Creation of a measurement system allows a given process to be developed and regulated in a pro-active and result-based way.


    Here responsibilities are assigned in such a way that the processes of interest can function adequately.

    Process-based business development

    This involves planning, managing and implementing a reorganisation that results in the business in question becoming truly process-based.

    Further information

    If you want to know more about process-based business development, contact

    Anders Ljungberg

    Vd Trivector LogiQ, Styrelseordförande Trivectorgruppen

    010-456 57 81