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Courses Sustainable transport

Training and workshops

A considerable part of our work involves sharing our knowledge and experience with our clients and training them through courses tailored to their needs.

We also carry out a considerable amount of teaching at a university level and in other contexts, and take part in many conferences and seminars.

General courses

We provide the following courses on a regular basis:

  • Sustainable transport planning
  • Travel Plans – preparation, implementation and monitoring and evaluation
  • Planning for active mobility: walking and cycling
  • Attractive public transport
  • Mobility Management
  • How to use our software: BullerTåg (for assessing noise from rail traffic), BullerVäg (for assessing noise from road traffic), Capcal (for assessing traffic capacity at junctions).

These courses are normally run in Swedish but our tailor-made courses can be arranged in Swedish or English.

Courses in Transport Strategies and SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans)

With our experienced staff, we also provide training and support for local authorities, in Sweden or Europe, that are interested in developing transport strategies in line with the Swedish TRAST (Transport for an Attractive City) and/or SUMPs in line with the European SUMP guidelines. For more information, please contact Bjorn Wendle.

Future Search Workshops

The Future Search (www.futuresearch.net) consists of organising a participatory visioning and planning meeting(s) with a variety of stakeholders in order to build up a mutual understanding of the past, present and future, to discuss possible and desirable future scenarios, and to agree upon a common ground (a vision, objectives and actions).  A Future Search meeting(s) is a 3-day workshop, involving 40 to 80 people (stakeholders) who share a common purpose and set of questions about a topic.

We undertake FSW for various projects, including: strategy development in sustainable urban mobility planning, public transport, active mobility and road safety etc. Alternatively, we can train moderators to run their own FSWs. For more information please contact Emeli Adell and Caroline Ljungberg.

Contact persons

If you wish to learn more about our regular courses or discuss / request a tailor-made course, please contact