IT systems

    We help your customers catch the bus

    Every day, hundreds of thousands of travellers using public transport benefit form Trivector System’s information systems. Our transport information systems can be seen as digital signage at bus stops and railway stations and also in buses, on the internet and in mobile phones.

    Our products and services span three major areas:

    • Completely integrated information systems for use in public transport.
    • System development projects within the areas of mobile computer communication and road traffic informatics, dynamic presentation systems and presentation units.
    • IT-consulting work (software development and IT support) within the other areas with which Trivector is concerned.

    Our systems are found in more than 1000 vehicles in the Nordic countries.

    We are a highly specialised company in the field of road transport informatics. In Sweden, we created the country’s first on-board computer for use in public transport, and the first bus priority system.