New large EU project for climate smart solutions

    The Swedish city of Gothenburg has together with the cities of Nice in France and Utrecht in the Netherlands been granted €18 m by the EU for a 5-year project. The project will focus on open data and testing cl...

    Sustainable transport

    A safe ride with self-driving bus

    Nobina and Helsingborg's pilot test of self-driving buses this September created a lot of interest. A large majority of passengers, 90 %, reported that they felt safe despite the lack of driver and 80 % would h...

    Trend tracker

    Unique pilot for future travel surveys

    In the autumn of 2017, a unique pilot for future travel survey data collection methods is being conducted in Gothenburg. The pilot is running concurrently to a traditional travel survey. The aim of the pilot is...

    Sustainable transport

    Project to find scalable cycling innovations

    Scaling Cycling Innovations is a Climate-KIC co-financed project which aims to identify cycling innovations from three leading cycling centres that can be scaled up and implemented elsewhere. The project brings...

    Sustainable transport

    300 fewer cars per day

    For a while, the parking chaos around the university hospital in Linköping was so bad that there was a risk that operations would have to be cancelled. Angry voices called for “more parking”, but instead the re...

    Sustainable transport

    If trucks are heavier, they should also be longer

    A new study shows that if Sweden allows larger trucks compared to today’s standards, it can bring economic and climate benefits. The largest benefits are achieved if the trucks are allowed to be both heavier an...

    Sustainable transport
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