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    Metod för att se var det är mest farligt att cykla

    Analysis of data shows where cycling is most dangerous

    There is now a new method for identifying the places and stretches in the city that are most dangerous for cyclists. The method is based on data comparison of travel routes and accident locations. The analysis ...

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    äldre cyklister

    Older adults want to bike more!

    The SAFER project, Safe mobility on bicycles for sustainable aging or "Säker mobilitet på cykel för ett hållbart åldrande" in Swedish, in which Trivector has participated has now been completed. The results sho...

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    Cykla längs med tunnelbanan

    Take the bike instead of the subway

    Trivector has released a bicycle map that shows how you can take the bike instead of the subway in Stockholm. The map shows suitable cycle routes that largely follow Stockholm’s metro lines.

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    The housing association Viva is first to use the EC2B app.

    The housing association Viva is first to use the EC2B app

    The residents of the housing association Viva in Sweden’s second largest city Göteborg share almost everything - laundry rooms, coworking spaces, greenhouse, conservatory, recycling rooms, cars and bicycles. At...

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    What is needed to speed up the processes of electrification?

    As a designated sector in the climate policy framework, Sweden aims to reduce emissions from the transport sector by 70% by 2030 as compared to emission levels in 2010. Biofuels are an important piece of the pu...

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    Climate-KIC course: Cycle Education – Get on yer bikes!

    Become a change agent and support the systemic shift to more cycling by learning about successful cycling innovations and change management. This course is about understanding how to support a systemic shift to...

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    Creating an outstanding mobility hub

    More and more new urban developments are planning for mobility hubs instead of traditional car parking garages. Mobility hubs offer more flexibility and many more functions. For those who are interested in buil...

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    New crowdsourcing method to collect cycling data

    Crowdsourcing is a new and efficient method to collect cycling data. To get increased levels of cycling in Sweden and other countries, many measures are needed in planning and maintaining the infrastructure, as...

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    The first users have logged on to the EC2B-application

    We are happy to announce that the first version of the digital mobility service EC2B has now been launched. In the beginning of March, the first users downloaded and started using the EC2B-app for Iphone and An...

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    Transport decarbonisation & COP24

    From the 2-14 December 2018, the City of Katowice in Poland will be hosting the 24th Conference of the Parties COP24 – the United Nations Climate Change Conference – which will assess progress and move forward ...

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    Decarbonising last-mile freight transport

    Freight transport is a particularly tricky sector to decarbonize. The sector is extremely fossil-fuel dependent today, with the vast majority of freight being transported by road. Freight is necessary to delive...

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    Mobility as a Service – supporting decarbonisation?

    MaaS, short for Mobility as a Service, combines alternatives from different transport providers into a single service, and the purpose is to make transport without a private car less of a tricky experience for ...

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    Three new policy briefs to download

    Trivector has recently published three policy briefs on the topics of Mobility as a Service, New methods for travel surveys, and Active mobility and health. The policy briefs build on insights from research pro...

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    10 reflections from my 4000km EV European road trip

    This summer, my partner and I decided that we would hire an electric car and drive from the south of Sweden to the north of England to visit family and friends. This was prompted mainly by my interest in cuttin...

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    Cycling makes you healthy

    A study carried out in seven European cities highlights the role of active transport in good mental health and self-perceived health.

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    Cycling innovations that can lead to systemic change

    Cycling is still not considered seriously as a transport mode in most European countries, where years of planning in favour of motorised vehicles have made it difficult to fit cycling into the transport landsca...

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    New large EU project for climate smart solutions

    The Swedish city of Gothenburg has together with the cities of Nice in France and Utrecht in the Netherlands been granted €18 m by the EU for a 5-year project. The project will focus on open data and testing cl...

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    A safe ride with self-driving bus

    Nobina and Helsingborg's pilot test of self-driving buses this September created a lot of interest. A large majority of passengers, 90 %, reported that they felt safe despite the lack of driver and 80 % would h...

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    Unique pilot for future travel surveys

    In the autumn of 2017, a unique pilot for future travel survey data collection methods is being conducted in Gothenburg. The pilot is running concurrently to a traditional travel survey. The aim of the pilot is...

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    Project to find scalable cycling innovations

    Scaling Cycling Innovations is a Climate-KIC co-financed project which aims to identify cycling innovations from three leading cycling centres that can be scaled up and implemented elsewhere. The project brings...

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    300 fewer cars per day

    For a while, the parking chaos around the university hospital in Linköping was so bad that there was a risk that operations would have to be cancelled. Angry voices called for “more parking”, but instead the re...

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    If trucks are heavier, they should also be longer

    A new study shows that if Sweden allows larger trucks compared to today’s standards, it can bring economic and climate benefits. The largest benefits are achieved if the trucks are allowed to be both heavier an...

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